Civil Forfeiture blatant police theft!

More forfeited gangster vehicles to end up in hands of police



I find it disturbing how we are seeing Canada trending towards are the broken policies of the USA and their police state. When we allow legalize crimes against criminals ore as you can see anyone that police claim to be criminals as its proving to be in the USA with police just outright committing thefts against anyone.  Gangsters shoot gangsters and rip off each other but Police shoot innocent people more often then not 9 times out of 10 police shootings end in murders where police never see any punishment now they have a licence to steal too its just too much people we need to rise up and end the reign of terror and corruption.

Federal Asset Seizures Rise, Netting Innocent With Guilty


After Cops Seized and Kept Cash, Washington, D.C. Settles Almost Million-Dollar Forfeiture Class Action


POLICE ARE LOW IQ MORONS that in most cases are not much different than the street level criminal its a fact that Police are required to have a low IQ and in the USA supreme court upheld New York States right to require police to have low IQ’s so now we have idiots running around with Guns Jacked up on steroids assaulting, killing and stealing from us YEP we pay tax it pays them and what are you going to do about it?

But here we have Canadian Government warning Canadians about US Police yet they are opening the door to the exact same crimes